The Repossessor by Dave Gilbert is the ninth game in the Reality on the Norm series. It is a point and click graphical adventure game in the Adventure Game Studio engine, released on 26th August 2001. An updated version by Dylan Downing was released on 27th November 2014, containing redrawn backgrounds, sprites and rearranged music, along with better compatibility for modern systems.

Synopsis Edit

Death is tasked by "The Powers That Be" to find and reclaim the soul of Michael Gower.

Story Edit


Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Death

New Edit

  • Death

Featured Edit

  • Crazy Homeless Weirdo
  • Davy Jones
  • George Watstatt
  • Michael Gower
  • Phil Nihilist
  • The Chicken

Locations Edit

New Edit

  • Municipal Centre (exterior)

Featured Edit

  • Dayist Church (exterior)
  • RON Sign
  • Scid's Backroom
  • Scid's Bar
  • Scid's Alley
  • Town Square
  • Yahtzeebrand Store

Continuity Edit

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Game Download (2014 Update)

Game Download (2001 Original)

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