The Postman Only Dies Once by Dave Gilbert is the twelfth game in the Reality on the Norm series. It is a point and click graphical adventure game in the Adventure Game Studio engine, released on 11th November 2001.


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When Michael Gower is arrested for the murder of the postman, detective Max Griff takes the case to discover the identity of the real killer.

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Characters Edit

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  • Max Griff

New Edit

  • Max Griff

Featured Edit

  • Biggs
  • Crazy Homeless Weirdo
  • Davy Jones
  • Death
  • Dr. Die Vie Ess
  • George Watstatt
  • Michael Gower
  • Mika Huy
  • Phil Nihilist
  • The Sheriff
  • Vicks Vapourrub

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