Phil Nihilist was created by Ben Crowshaw (Yahtzee), and first appeared in the game Lunchtime of the Damned.

Important events Edit

Phil Nihilist is more commonly known as the Yahtzeebrand store clerk, although his name was never actually stated until I Spy 2.

He has been brainwashed by the Yahtzeebrand store employee training program, to the point of being a mindless cog in the corporate machine. However, sometimes he just seems disturbed.

Throughout the RON series, Phil's taken a lot of abuse - he's been shot, tortured, heavily interrogated, and he's even drunk nuclear waste, magic potions, and he's been fed tainted food -- so he's not scared of a guy dressed as a pirate. (The Lost Treasure Of RON)

After drinking a bottle of nuclear isotopes in "The Postman Only Dies Once," Phil developed super powers. He gained the ability of flight, super strength, and x-ray vision. After D.C. Comics threatened to sue, Phil changed his powers with the aid of Doctor Die Vie Ess. Phil now has corrosive spit and is known as the Incomparable Llamaman! (Defender of RON)

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First Appearance Edit

  • Lunchtime of the Damned

Playable in Edit

  • Men of War
  • Defender of RON

Features in Edit

  • Lunchtime Of The Damned
  • Blastoff!
  • Simon's Journey
  • The First Stitch
  • The Postman Only Dies Once
  • Monty on the Norm
  • The Lost Dollar
  • Dead Man's Political Party
  • The Phantom Inheritance
  • The Unraveling
  • Davy Jones is Back
  • Cabbages and Kings
  • The Underworld
  • Purity of the Surf
  • MI5 Bob
  • III Spy
  • The Spoons
  • Disappearance Time
  • The Crazed Chicken
  • Ron 13:13^2 The Thickening
  • Witch!
  • Reality Check
  • Reality Check 2
  • Rock - A True Story
  • Affair of the Weirdo
  • The Day Nothing Happened
  • Note to Self
  • Night and Day
  • Exposed Reality
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