Paul Bednaux was created by Oldschool_Wolf, and first appeared in the game Reality Check. He works part time in the Yahtzeebrand store, he doesn't like his job, or his coworker Phil Nihilist. He's fairly new in town (as of the Reality Check Trilogy) but soon made friends with some of the locals. He's shared a couple of adventures with Davy Jones, Greyson, and Death; and considers them friends (especially since they brought him back from purgatory). He lives in the red apartment block.

Important events Edit

  • Killed by KITT's laser vision in Reality Check; Death, Davy, and Greyson helped to bring Paul back from Purgatory. The new body was built by Dr Die Vie Ess, but he didn't have time to build a penis.
  • Helped prevent the construction of the Yahtzeebrand Megastore in the Reality Check trilogy.

Character notesEdit

  • Life is directionless.
  • Hates his life when it takes a surreal turn.
  • Is often late to work.
  • Works at Yahtzeebrand part time.
  • Lives in the red apartment block.
  • Enjoys a drink at Scid's Bar.
  • Lacks a penis due to the events of Reality Check.

Notable relationships Edit

  • Friends with Davy Jones.
  • Friends with Greyson.
  • Friends with Death.
  • Attraction to Elandra (hinted at) though he would not necessarily pursue her due to friendship with Davy.
  • Originally enemy to David Hasselhoff, though relationship improved after Reality Check 2.
  • Hates Joyce Thomkin, manager of his apartment block.
  • Dislikes his co-worker Phil Nihilist, though he keeps the working relationsip civil.

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