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Omni Kitten was created by Creed Malay, and first appeared in the game Kittens and Cacti.

Important events[]

The Baron and his brother, back in Victorian Times, carried out experiments condensing kittens into small spaces. One day they condensed 20-odd tabby kittens into a four-inch square space. When the smoke cleared, the omni-kitten was there - an "actual, physical representation of every kitten ever," in it's own words.

The omni-kitten was last seen guarding a time rift. (Kittens and Cacti)

Character notes[]

Notable relationships[]

First Appearance[]

  • Kittens and Cacti

Playable in[]

Features in[]

  • Kittens and Cacti
  • Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)
  • The Day Nothing Happened