Monty on the Norm by Mikko Salonen is the fifteenth game in the Reality on the Norm series. It is a point and click graphical adventure game in the Adventure Game Studio engine, released on 30th November 2001. An updated version by Dylan Downing was released on 11th December 2014, containing redrawn backgrounds, sprites and rearranged music, along with better compatibility for modern systems.


Synopsis Edit

On the run from Intermole, Monty Mole climbs out of a hole in the town square and searches for a way to stop his pursers from catching him.

Story Edit


Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Monty Mole

New Edit

  • Monty Mole
  • Mr. Makkara

Featured Edit

  • Crazy Homeless Weirdo
  • Phil Nihilist

Locations Edit

New Edit

  • Office Building Roof
  • Pet Store

Featured Edit

  • Scid's Alley
  • Town Square
  • Yahtzeebrand Store

Continuity Edit

  • This game is Stand-alone. While it doesn't have a set place on the official timeline, the characters and events in this game are assumed to exist within the RON universe.

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