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Michael Gower was created by an unknown creator, and first appeared in the game Lunchtime of the Damned.

Important events[]

Over thirty years ago, Michael Gower was killed by his wife with a cheese grater, his lower jaw (among other parts of him) cleaved off. One day, Davy Jones decides to experiment with raising the dead from the local cemetary. Bringing Gower back to life, Davy intones, "You have been granted a second chance! Go forth and forge a new life." But the resurrection spell went awry, and Gower turns out to be a brain-eating zombie -- who goes on to kill Bill Cosby in the town square. After Davy Jones successfully restores his soul, the zombie realizes that he's a rotting corpse -- and decides to run for local government. (Lunchtime Of The Damned)

Gower was originally buried with his most prized possession: a gold nugget. (Blastoff)

Gower gets serious about running for mayor of Reality. He says he is running for mayor because nothing has changed in the town in thirty years. He wants to lead the town into the future. Later, Death abandons his post to be Gower's campaign manager. (The Repossessor)

Gower was once framed for murder, but later cleared through the work of Max Griff, P.I.. Something may still not be right with Gower, since, in the end of PODO, a disguised Dr. DieVieEss operates on Gower. Exactly what he has done to him has not yet been revealed. (Postman Only Dies Once)

After a long campaign, Gower is finally elected mayor of RON. (Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman)

At the time of his death, Gower had a wife and kids.

Character notes[]

Notable relationships[]

First Appearance[]

  • Lunchtime of the Damned

Playable in[]

  • Dead Man's Political Party
  • Au Naturel
  • Michael Gower's Zombie Hill
  • That Crazy World

Features in[]

  • Lunchtime Of The Damned
  • I Spy
  • Blastoff!
  • The Repossessor
  • The Postman Only Dies Once
  • Shadows of RON
  • The Lost Dollar
  • The Lost Treasure of RON
  • Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
  • The Phantom Inheritance
  • I Spy 2
  • Paranormal Investigation
  • The Chef
  • Rend
  • Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)
  • The Underworld
  • Purity of the Surf
  • Ron 13:13^2 The Thickening
  • Reality Check 3
  • Au Naturel
  • Rock - A True Story
  • The Day Nothing Happened
  • Night and Day