Mary was created by Creed Malay, and first appeared in the game Cabbages and Kings.

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A sly, alcholic fox. For years she and her mate Gerald lived in the streets and forests of Reality on the Norm, scavenging what dregs of beer they could from unconcious drunks and the big black bags that get put out after parties. Then, at some dark, mysterious point in their past, strange and fey powers were bestowed upon then. The work of nature, magic, or man? Who can say? Mary was invested with the gift of telepathy, and Gerard grew a moustache. Mary now uses her gift to harrass the unwary into buying them booze, and few can resist the charms of a talking fox. The moustache has proved less useful.

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First Appearance Edit

  • Cabbages and Kings

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  • Cabbages and Kings
  • Kittens and Cacti
  • Purity of the Surf
  • Au Naturel
  • The Day Nothing Happened
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