Joyce Thomkin was created by Dylan Downing, and first appeared in the game The Unraveling.

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Joyce is the manager of Red and Brown Apartment Blocks in Reality Square. She lives in the Red Block, next to the donut shop. Nosy and meddlesome, she is one of those people who has to know what's going on even if it doesn't concern her. She watches the lobby of Red Block like a hawk.

She dislikes the tenants of both apartment blocks as they don't meet her standards. Her opinons on them are very poor and generally exagerated. For example: she regards Mika as a shameless trollop, and is convinced that Greyson is a thief or criminal of some sort. She particularly loathes Drake & Melt, and given the slightest excuse she would have the pair evicted on a moments notice (such as being one day late with the rent).

All in all, she's not a pleasant person to have to deal with. No-one in either apartment block likes her.

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  • The Unraveling

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  • The Unraveling
  • Reality Check
  • The Murder of Adrian Elkwood
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