I Spy by Anthony Hahn is the fifth game in the Reality on the Norm series. It is a point and click graphical adventure game in the Adventure Game Studio engine, released on 8th April 2001.



Photographer Mika Huy arrives in Reality seeking a picture of Bill Cosby's body to sell to the tabloids. Meanwhie, Davy and Elandra attempt to resurrect Cosby, but once again things don't go quite to plan... 


Mika Huy, a freelance photographer, travels to Reality upon hearing that Bill Cosby had been murdered here in the hopes of selling a photo of his corpse to a tabloid newspaper. After parking her Datsun outside the Office Building in the Town Square, she comes across the chicken in the road, still in possession of his gun. Talking to the chicken results in it becoming increasingly agitated, finally causing to it to point its gun at Mika. Deciding that shooting her isn't worth it, the chicken exits, leaving behind a pile of droppings. 




  • Mika Huy


  • Biggs
  • Mika Huy
  • Vicks Vapourrub


  • Davy Jones
  • Dead Bill Cosby
  • Elandra
  • Michael Gower



  • Hospital (exterior)
  • Hospital Morgue
  • Hospital Morgue Corridor
  • Hospital Reception


  • RON Sign
  • Town Square
  • Yahtzeebrand


  • This game is set on the same day as Blastoff!.

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