Hooky McPegleg was created by Francisco Gonzalez, and first appeared in the game The Lost Treasure of RON.

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Hooky McPegleg is the last of the known pirates. Hearing of a treasure of unimaginable wealth, he came to RON seraching for it. After acquiring a map to the treasure, while digging for it, he finds himself instead bursting into the Zombie's campaign speech. Finding pirate work too frustrating, Hooky decides he needs a new line of work. The Zombie informs him that RON desperately needs a new postman, and so Hooky joins the Reality Civil Servant Squad (The Lost Treasure Of RON).

Two weeks after starting his new job and learning how to read (which is quite important to a postman), Hooky gets thrown in jail for reading other people's mail. But it was all an elaborate plot against him by his old archnemesis, No-Beard. So I guess Hooky wasn't the last pirate after all. No-Beard has actually found the Lost Treasure of RON and now wants to eliminate his enemy. Anyway, Hooky defeats No-Beard and takes the treasure for himself, which he uses to buy his own island. (Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman).

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First Appearance Edit

  • The Lost Treasure of RON

Playable in Edit

  • The Lost Treasure of RON
  • Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman

Features in Edit

  • The Lost Treasure of RON
  • Root of all Evil
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