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Guido was created by Francisco Gonzalez, and first appeared in the game The Chef.

Important events[]

Guido is Chef Lucca's younger brother. He is also a nudist - a fact that irritates Lucca to no end. Guido claims that nudism is liberating, and gives the impression of always being relaxed and easy-going (even when he was kidnapped and tied to the chair in "The Chef").

In "Pirate Postman," Hooky mentions that he once threw up on a maitre'd. In "The Chef," there is a reference to a pirate who threw up on Guido. From this, one can infer that Guido is the maitre'd at the italian restaurant. What he wears when he's on duty is still a mystery.

Character notes[]

Notable relationships[]

First Appearance[]

  • The Chef

Playable in[]

Features in[]

  • The Chef
  • Purity of the Surf
  • Au Naturel