Greg Nihilist was created by bitby, and first appeared in the game Au Naturel .  He was working a shift at Yahtzeebrand where he was killed.

Important events Edit

Although scheduled to die two weeks before the civic election, Greg survived as Death was too busy running Michael Gower's campaign and forgot. The day after the election Greg infuriated Geoff after telling the old man that the Yahtzeebrand store wasn't a library while Geoff was looking at the adult magazines. Angered to the point of wanting Greg dead, Geoff left and got a grenade to kill him.

After learning from Michael Gower that Geoff wanted Greg dead, Death remembered that Greg had lived 2 weeks beyond the time where he was supposed to have died. When Gower gave Death Geoff's grenade, Death teleported to the Yahtzeebrand store, tossed the grenade to Greg who failed to catch it. Greg was killed in the resulting explosion.

Death returned moments later to photograph Greg's remains for Geoff who wanted proof that Greg had been killed.

Character notesEdit

  • Not much was revealed about Greg's personality, although it stands to reason he shares the Nihilistic viewpoint of his brothers.
  • He did display a degree of panic when the grenade was tossed at him.

Notable relationships Edit

  • Brother to Phil Nihilist and Dave Nihilist

First Appearance Edit

  • Au Naturel

Playable in Edit

Features in Edit

  • Au Naturel
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