Dr. Die Vie Ess was created by Aleksandar Janjic, and first appeared in the game Return of Die Vie Ess.

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Nobody knows much about Dr. Die Vie Ess, but there are plenty of rumour stories surrounding him - the stereotypical mad scientist with wild hair in a white labcoat, rubbing his hands and laughing gleefully over crackling electrodes. He's seen as a recluse, living in a mansion up in the hills north of the jailhouse. When Max Griff and Mika Huy come face to face with Dr. DVE, they discover how truly mad he is -- he murdered Pete Bailey the postman just to stop getting junk mail. (The Postman Only Dies Once)

Dr. DVE also wants to "show them all" because he was kicked out of Reality University. To get revenge, he has tried to blow up the town twice. (Return of Die Vie Ess)

The Doctor has a hideous manservant named Kyojo.

He recently helped Phil Nihilist change his superpowers, and the two have formed an uneasy alliance.

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  • Return of Die Vie Ess

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  • Return of Die Vie Ess
  • The Postman Only Dies Once
  • Shadows of RON
  • Yet Another Death of Davy Jones Scenario
  • The Lost Dollar
  • Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
  • The Unraveling
  • Defender of RON
  • III Spy
  • Disappearance Time
  • Root of all Evil
  • Reality Check
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