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Cold Storage by Dylan Downing is the sixty-second game in the Reality on the Norm series. It is a point and click graphical adventure game in the Adventure Game Studio engine, released on 2nd September 2006.


Investigative journalist Louis Darcy is trapped in a locked room in an abandoned factory.


After investigating and uncovering evidence of embezzlement and building code violations, Louis Darcy is cornered by hired thugs, brought into an old freezer in an abandoned factory, tied to a chair and beaten before being left alone with the implication the thugs would return.

Managing to knock the chair over, Louis is able to free himself from the loosened bonds. He quickly discovers that he’s been locked inside the freezer. He uses his phone to call the Realizer and asks Mika to recover the evidence he hid prior to his capture. Noticing the rusted wheels of the loading door, Louis manages to pry them free with the aid of a metal bar although the door doesn’t shift enough for him to squeeze through.

Grabbing cable and discovering electrical wires behind a wall, Louis manages to jumpstart a forklift by connecting the cable to the forklift and dropping the cable wrapped around the metal bar into the hole in the wall. The forklift lurches forward into the loading door with enough force to knock it off its mooring, allowing Louis to escape.

Five months after Louis’ escape and subsequent story, the man responsible for the crimes and ordering Louis’ kidnapping, one Randolph Harper, was found guilty of all charges.



  • Louis Darcy


  • Louis Darcy


  • Mika Huy (via phone call)


  • Abandoned factory freezer room




  • This game is Stand-alone. While it doesn't have a set place on the official timeline, the characters and events in this game are assumed to exist within the RON universe.

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