Baron Wolfgang was created by Sarah Wright, and first appeared in the game Lunchtime of the Damned.

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The Baron is in his mid-twenties, a polite, pleasant to speak to, Victorian gentleman in every respect. He's popular in upper-class social circles with people who don't know about his secret little hobby, a bit vain but very intelligent, and takes pride in his work. He's also insane, but that doesn't show most of the time. He owns a large estate on which is his Victorian mansion. He's attended by many servants in the mansion, and apparently he was close to his brother (before his brother was killed by the Chicken). In his mansion, a secret room behind his study is full of old guns, crossbows, garrot wire, syringes, poison, knives, and more. The Baron always carries a cane, which is a swordstick, and he wears round dark glasses. (Rhubarb Celestial)

The Baron, according to the Bum, is a "rich bugger who lives in a big house." There is much unknown about the Baron, especially his motivations. He was about to assasinate Davy Jones, but when Davy bent down to pick up a penny, he missed his shot and killed Fred, the Chicken's brother - and he had only brought along one bullet. (Vengeance of the Chicken)

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  • Lunchtime of the Damned

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  • Lunchtime of the Damned
  • Vengeance of the Chicken
  • Blastoff!
  • Dead Man's Political Party
  • The Chef
  • Cabbages and Kings
  • Kittens and Cacti
  • Ron 13:13^2 The Thickening
  • Root of all Evil
  • Affair of the Weirdo
  • Note to Self
  • The Day Nothing Happened
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